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Peter Aitken


My interest in photography began when I was a teenager, some 50 years ago. I belonged to my high school's photography club and served as the yearbook's candid photographer for two years, roaming the school with a 4x5 Speed Graphic and a gigantic flash gun. I became intensely involved in photography throughout the 1980s and divided my attention between large format nature and landscape work and 35mm urban explorations, all black and white and, of course, all "wet darkroom." I attended the Ansel Adams workshop (on a scholarship) in one of the last years he was active. I also had several one-person shows in North Carolina and participated in many juried group shows.

My involvement waned throughout the 1990s, largely due to family and work pressures. Interest was rekindled when digital camera and inkjet printer technology advanced to where the image and print quality was acceptable to me. I now work in both color and B&W.

I am an amateur photographer in what I think is the best sense of the word. I may sell a print now and then, but it's purely a labor of love for me. I am located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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