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My interest in photography began when I was a teenager, some 50 years ago, belonging to my high school's photography club and serving as the yearbook's candid photographer for two years, roaming the school with a 4x5 Speed Graphic and a gigantic flash gun. I became intensely involved in photography throughout the 1980s and divided my attention between large format nature/landscape work and 35mm urban explorations, all black and white. I attended the Ansel Adams workshop in one of the last years he was active. I also had several one-person shows in North Carolina and participated in many juried shows. My involvement waned throughout the 1990s, largely due to family and work pressures and a decreased tolerance for spending so many hours in the darkroom. Interest was rekindled when digital camera and inkjet printer technology advanced to where the print quality was acceptable to me. I now work primarily in color.

I am an amateur photographer in what I hope is the best sense of the word. I may sell a print now and then, but it's purely a labor of love for me. I am located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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